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Until Dead has arrived! Create your strategies to survive this mysterious zombie apocalypse full of action!



Fight, explore and create the best strategy to survive epic battles with up to 32 players, where the last survivor is the winner.



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Monomyto is a Brazilian independent game developer studio focused on mobile market.

The company was born in 2016 with a first game study that served to bring Until Dead to life. Until Dead is a new multi-turn based game and has an unique noir black with red look. Even being on produce stage the game was finalist and winner of Indie Prize best mobile game 2017 in Seattle that year. After launched the game won great visibility on Google Play Store's indie corner and have being accumulating some nominations on important international game events like BIG Festival 2018 and IMGA 2019.

Now a days our team is reformulating Until Dead with a publisher partnership's relaunch and we are still working on a new IP called GUNSTARS, a multiplayer third person shooter that will be released soon and also was selected by Google to participate on Indie Game Accelerator 2019 in Singapore. 

We're looking for publishers and distributors partners for GUNSTARS release worldwide in Q3/2019 (focussed on the mobile market and Nintendo Switch, first). We're also open to co-development opportunities.

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  • 2D and 3D art and animation

  • Graphic design

  • Illustration

  • 3D modeling

  • Software Development

All estimates are flexible according to your idea and scheduling.

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