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The Journey has begun.


MONOMYTO is a young game development company for mobile platforms based in Campo Grande, Brazil, born of a common dream among three Brazilian advertising professionals who took advantage of this experience and aimed at creating independent games with high quality that would be fun for the entire world market.


The initiative has been a success and has already received several mentions by websites and specialized organizations around the world. The recognition as a result of this was the achievement of an extremely important prize for independent game developers in Seatle, USA, the Indie Prize 2017. This title gave MONOMYTO the feat of being the first Brazilian company to receive this prize.


Though it was the company's first game, UNTIL DEAD - Think to Survive has won critics and the public for its excellent graphics quality among mobile games as well as its unprecedented gameplay mode.


So, MONOMYTO's journey has begun and what is to come will be amazing.